What Is Baggage Wrapping and How Much Does It Cost?

People who travel all the time are aware of the intricacies of flights and various airport procedures. However, those who haven’t flown for a while or consider using the plane for the first time might face many unexpected problems. Baggage wrapping is one of such problems as many people don’t think it’s necessary, have no idea how much it costs, or just simply don’t think about it. So, let’s address the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of baggage wrapping?
  • Is it obligatory?
  • How much does baggage wrapping cost?

Baggage Wrapping

Baggage wrapping is a procedure done at the airport. When you arrive with your luggage, before you can pass it to be moved to the plane, you’ll be offered a baggage wrapping service. It’s done either by the airport employees or by specific Secure Wrap stations. The latter is less common as not all airports have them. You can always clarify this question beforehand or at the airport.

The purpose of baggage wrapping is to protect your things from being damaged, stolen, or ruined. The tamper-resistant plastic film is usually used for wrapping and it serves as an efficient protective layer. Without it, the following scenarios are possible.   

  • Your luggage will arrive safely but the bag itself might be damaged. It can get dirty to the point where you wouldn’t be able to carry it as you usually do. It can also be damaged permanently due to scratches.
  • Your luggage can be easily and quickly opened by a thief if the employees are distracted. With protective layers, such a thing won’t be possible.  
  • Your things may be damaged if another bag is thrown on your luggage. While protective wrapping doesn’t guarantee 100% safety, it definitely increases it, and if you order an advanced form, your things will definitely arrive securely.

Is It Obligatory?

No, wrapping is not obligatory. You can send your bag without having anything done to it. You can also wrap it yourself, but it’s risky because some airports will have to ruin your protective layer as per their rules.

How Much Does Airport Wrapping Cost?

Giving one specific answer to this question is difficult as it depends on your country and on your chosen airline. In the United Kingdom and the USA, the price tends to be $5 per one bag. If you want a stronger kind of wrapping, the price will be around $8. Stronger wrapping is usually done with a bigger-sized carton and tougher plastic. In most airports, you can also order special protective fillers in addition to your wrapping, which will ensure that fragile things aren’t damaged. Bubble wraps and special straps can also be ordered.

So, baggage wrapping is not an obligatory part of the traveling, but if you want to secure your bags and things inside them, you should definitely ask for it. You can study the prices and offers before your travel to decide what kind of protective wrapping you want and how much it will cost you.